The Nuer, a tribe from South Sudan, has a few different rules to follow about marriage.

Basically everything is about the value of chidren, representing the real richness in that society. If you have children, your status is higher, if you cannot have children, better find and marry somebody who can.

For this reason, a woman could be marring another woman, of course if she has money to buy her future wife. Once she bought her, the woman paying money will turn into the woman husband and will be seen as a man. Of course this is not related to sexual intercourse, it is only about social status.

Luckily I was born in Italy. Nobody will bother me if I don t get married or if I don t have children. The practical relevance of marriage in my culture? Of course it is all about money and ensure you can control your counterpart.

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Mosuo tribe is famous for the so called “walking marriage” culture.

Women can decide who their lover will be and sleep with him. It is not about polygamy, but it is a matter of personal freedom: they can choose pacifically if to end a marriage. A notable problem with this is that, even if it is not about “free sex”, sex tourism from other countries in that area is increasing (they are seen like b*tches, as every other women on this earth is).

Our lesson could not clarify if they can refuse to stay with men for their entire lifespan, so not clear if they really are free to choose about their own lifes and bodies.

UPDATE (thanks, Claudia):

An extract from

“... it is a woman’s ability to give birth and be a mother that is prized above all else. The supreme deity is a mother goddess. When Choo enquires about ­homosexuality, the question is laughed away. There is none, apparentlyThe childless woman is pitied. This is not some enlightened utopia that has learned to float free of gender. Traditional roles still exist, it’s just that the balance of power is switched.

So definitely not, Mosuo women are NOT free to choose about their bodies. European culture is definitely more free as every woman can choose if get married, get divorce, having children or not.

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polynesia faafafine

Today we had this interesting class about Polynesia and sexual manners.

I must warn everybody passing here by my website, this post is not intended to hurt anybody’s sensibility. Feel free to contact me if you find any incorrect issue.

I did not knew that the Polynesian area was so free about the practice of sex and the teaching of it: children are taught about sex and pleasure from their 4~6 years and they are encouraged to learn and practice with others, both same sex or not.

The sexual power is related to social status and having sex when family is there is allowed and free.

There is a third gender, the Fa’afafine, born male with a strong female side. They are well accepted without any criticism.

So, how can we best educate children to become confident sex positive adults? Of course I have no universal truth; I just think that it would be better to talk freely to children (if within our culture, of course there is an important age matter) and teach them about the god and the bad about it.

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During today's lesson we spoke about the vastest indigenous tribe still surviving to today's world: the Yanomami.

This tribe believes that a child is the result of all the men that go with a woman: they have wedding, but still polygamy is accepted. So, for one mother, multiple fathers.

I personally think that the concept of partible paternity may be a good thing for Yanomami community (it relates to an increase to the child survival possibilities), and strongly believe that there is no relation with our society's phenomena called "surrogate maternity". I am inclined to believe that our society is bringing it too far, and  that there are so many abandoned children out there waiting for somebody`s love that we don`t need to play with biology.

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