what is beauty

What is beauty?

If you ask a Samoan, it’s about tattoos. Some places in Polynesia use teeth sharpening. Some countries in Africa use lip discs or scars. In China they used to have foot binding…

But what about our piercings, make up, hair color or even plastic surgery?

Personally, I am against plastic surgery (unless it’s meant to heal or recover back from some kind of illnesses or violence) and I really don’t like the abuse of make-up. I seldom make-up and I love to use high heels. I have no tattoos, but I have 6 pierces in my ears. I feel comfortable in my body and still I don’t feel as I am following too much society rules.

But yeah,  I had to take away 4 of my pierces to job hunt here in Japan...

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yurok tribe

In our wide world there are many way to think, explanation to how things happen, cultural differences and lots of beautiful things going around. But on the other hand those differences also have shadows and bring on human sufferance and sadness.

Today we spoke about… Menstruation!

I was lucky enough not to be born in some rural areas of Indonesia or Nepal, where I would have been segregated in a little, dark hut for five days a month. But I can remember my sister telling me not to touch plants when on my period, because I would have killed them.

You know what’ s fun? my sister studied agriculture in a Catholicschool.

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Speaking about Maasai, we arrived to talk about girls and women right, especially FGM: Female Genital Mutilation.

This practice is still very common in Africa, but luckily something is changing very slowly, little by little.

Strange issues are going on every day in the world and we had something very weird in Italy too (even if I am using the past tense, it seems it is still in practice). This is about showing on the balcony, to everybody in the city, the bed sheet where groom and bride had for the first time their sexual intercourse, so to show everybody that the bride was a pure virgin and the man a real stallion…

Searching on the internet I found out this interesting website, if you want to read more about it.

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The Nuer, a tribe from South Sudan, has a few different rules to follow about marriage.

Basically everything is about the value of chidren, representing the real richness in that society. If you have children, your status is higher, if you cannot have children, better find and marry somebody who can.

For this reason, a woman could be marring another woman, of course if she has money to buy her future wife. Once she bought her, the woman paying money will turn into the woman husband and will be seen as a man. Of course this is not related to sexual intercourse, it is only about social status.

Luckily I was born in Italy. Nobody will bother me if I don t get married or if I don t have children. The practical relevance of marriage in my culture? Of course it is all about money and ensure you can control your counterpart.

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